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Woodshop 5.1 Ultimate Brown Bag Tasting and Brunch

On Saturday, June 26th, Blue Palms will host a unique beer festival, featuring 24 great craft beers on draft, and specialty food items to pair with some of the beer selections. The entire line-up of draft offerings will be served "Brown Bag Style," with brown paper bags covering the handles and concealing their identities. This is a fun opportunity to strip away any preconceptions about specific beers you are drinking, and to challenge and educate your palate about the flavors and aromas you experience. The festival will include some of today's premier craft brewers, serving their best, freshest beers.

In addition, the fest will include a large bottle-share event-- known as "The Woodshop Tasting"-- where attendees are encouraged (but not required) to bring bottles from their cellar to share with friends with the option of serving them blind.

For $40, from 11:30 AM until 5:00 PM, you can sample all 24 draft beers and join in on all of the bottle-sharing, which will no doubt include many of the world's great beers that are not otherwise available in California. This is a very inclusive event and would serve as an extraordinary introduction to craft beer in Los Angeles.

For an additional $15, you can also attend the VIP Brunch, which will allow entry to the festival at 9:30 AM and will include a full brunch spread from the Blue Palms kitchen, with an exciting mix of unique twists to the traditional brunch formula.

Space is strictly limited for this event and there will be no tickets available at the door.

Saturday, June 26th 2010

VIP Brunch 9:30 AM
General Admission 11:30 AM
Blue Palms open for business 5:00 PM

$40 for general on-sale Brown Bag Woodshop admission
$15 add-on ($55 total) for VIP entry and the Brown Bag Brunch

Order Tickets Here

  • $40.00 = Festival Admission
  • $55.00 = Festival + VIP Brunch

Before completing the check out process, please list all attendees in the "special instructions box.

Thank You


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